HHS, CMS Strategic Partners Acquisition Readiness Contract (SPARC)


Contract Number: HHSM-500-2017-00059I

Description: The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Strategic Partners Acquisition Readiness Contract (SPARC) program is a multiple award Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract that provides strategic, technical, and program management advice, guidance and support services to CMS to facilitate the modernization of business processes and supporting systems and their operations. CMS customers can sole-source to Zantech, an 8(a) for tasks orders up to $ 4M each.

Products/Services: The task orders issued under the SPARC IDIQ Contract will cover discrete life-cycle tasking within a system/application development program. The following service categories for IT professional services will be supported under the SPARC IDIQ: initiation, concept, and planning services; design services; development services; test services; security control assessment (SCA) services; independent verification & validation (IV&V) services; maintenance services; SPARC support services; and data request services.

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US Army PMSS 3

Contract Number: W52P1J-14-D-0034

Description: The U.S. Army Program Management Support Services-3 (PMSS3) contract is a multiple award Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract that provides program management support services to the Army Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS) headquarters, directorates, project/product offices, and related organizations. Program management support services will be procured by means of competitively-awarded performance based tasks orders. The geographic scope includes CONUS and OCONUS locations.

Products/Services: The contract will provide for the full range of program management support in the following nine main functional areas: project/product management; business process reengineering (BPR); information systems security; contingency planning; physical security; enterprise design, integration, and consolidation; systems operation and maintenance support; integrated logistics support; and other services to include biometric-related services, systems training, and modeling and simulation.

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GSA IT Schedule 70

Contract Number: GS-35F-190BA

Description: This GSA multiple award schedule contract provides Zantech with a mechanism to deliver information technology services across the Federal Government.

Products/Services: Zantech provides services under Special Item Numbers (SIN) 132-51, Information Technology Professional Services. Services include: resources and facilities management, database planning and design, systems analysis and design, network services, programming, conversion and implementation support, network services project management, data/records management, subscriptions/ publications (electronic media), and other services.

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GSA Alliant Small Business

Contract Number: GS-06F-0599Z

Description: Zantech is a member of the Alliant Enterprise JV LLC (AEJV), a small business joint venture that was awarded an Alliant Small Business Government-wide Acquisition Contract. This multiple award, indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity set-aside small business contract is designed to provide worldwide information technology solutions to federal agencies while strengthening opportunities in federal contracting for small businesses.

Products/Services: The contract provides IT solutions through performance of a broad range of services that may include the integration of various technologies critical to the services being acquired.

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Contract Number: DTFAWA10A-00031

Description: The Electronic FAA Accelerated and Simplified Tasks (eFAST) Master Ordering Agreement functions as a Blanket Purchase Agreement that permits the FAA, and possibly other Federal Government agencies, to efficiently obtain professional and support services from small and socially and economically disadvantaged businesses.

Products/Services: Zantech provides services in three functional areas:

  • Business Administration and Management
  • Computer/Information Systems Development
  • Computer Systems Support

For additional information, please view our FAA brochure.

Navy SeaPort-e

Contract Number: N00178-11-R-4000

Description: SeaPort Enhanced (SeaPort-e) is a Navy-wide multiple award contract that provides Navy Department customers (e.g., Systems Commands, Military Sealift Command, Naval Facilities Command, Strategic Systems Programs, Office of Naval Research, and the U.S. Marine Corps) with the ability to obtain a broad range of engineering and professional support services.

Products/Services: The Zantech Team offers a broad range of services that span the functional services areas defined in the SeaPort-e contract. Zantech specializes in providing software engineering, information systems development, information assurance, IT support, QA/CM support, and program and administrative support.

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Contract Number: HSCG23-12-D-ATB004

Description: The U.S. Coast Guard Technical, Acquisition, and Business Support Services (TABSS) contract is a multiple award contract that provides support to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on a world-wide basis.This contract provides DHS with the broad technical, acquisition, and business support services needed to assist with their cross-organizational mission of protecting the homeland, deterring crime, detecting and countering terrorism,
and a myriad of other responsibilities.

Products/Services: The Zantech Team offers a broad range of services that span the Program Management, Engineering and Technology (PMET) Support Services domain. The PMET support includes a wide range of Acquisition program lifecycle related services, including support for planning and administering programs and projects within the program office infrastructure; and the design, development, utilization, and other activities for assets, processes, and systems improved by or related to engineering and technology.

For additional information, please view our Maritime Capabilities brochure


Contract Number: SP4709-17-D-0017 (Sub)

Description: The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) J6 Enterprise Technology Services (JETS) is an IDIQ that provides the full range of IT services, technical and management expertise that support applications, software, hardware, infrastructure, and systems, across the DLA IT Enterprise.

Products/Services: Our Team is eligible to compete under Group A, Group B and Group C (unrestricted, 100% small business set-aside task orders, and 8 (a) competitive task orders), and is eligible for 8(a) sole source task orders under Group C.

  • Task Area 1 – Network and Telecommunication Services
  • Task Area 2 – Technology Services
  • Task Area 3 – Stakeholder Integrated Services (SIS)
  • Task Area 4 – Defense Business System (DBS) Life Cycle Management: Acquisition, Sustainment, Maintenance
  • and Technical Support
  • Task Area 5 – Lifecycle Program Support Services
  • Task Area 6 –Information Assurance (IA) Support (Certification & Accreditation)
  • Task Area 7 – IA Technology Assessment
  • Task Area 8 – IA Cybersecurity Assessment Program (CAP)
  • Task Area 9 – IA Support for the Enterprise
  • Task Area 10 – Task Order (TO) Project Management Support
  • Task Area 11 – Virtual Workforce Training
  • Task Area 12 – Technology Evaluation Support
  • Task Area 13 – Enterprise Support Services
  • Task Area 14 – Financial Budget and Cost Support
  • Task Area 15 – Configuration Management Support
  • Task Area 16 – Systems Engineering Support
  • Task Area 17 – Enterprise Architecture Support
  • Task Area 18 – Enterprise Data Strategy Support
  • Task Area 19 – Test and Documentation Support
  • Task Area 20 – IT Process Management Support
  • Task Area 21 – IT Audit Readiness Support

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Contract Number: Zantech17DP2007 (Sub)

Description: The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Program Management Administrative Clerical and Technical Services (PACTS II) is a multiple award, IDIQ vehicle with a maximum value of $1.5 billion. All components of DHS may use PACTS to acquire non-IT service solutions through one of four functional categories.

Products/Services: Our Team supports Functional Category 1, Program Management Services.

Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services

  • Financial planning and budgeting
  • Equity and asset management
  • Records management
  • Office planning
  • Strategic and organizational planning
  • Site selection
  • Business process improvement
  • Administrative work
  • Human resources
  • Marketing
  • Physical distribution and logistics
  • Process, Physical Distribution, and Logistics Consulting Services
  • Productivity improvement
  • Quality assurance and quality control
  • Inventory management
  • Distribution of networks
  • Warehouse use, operations, and utilization
  • Transportation and shipment of goods and materials
  • Materials management and handling