“[Zantech] takes extraordinary initiative to understand the program mission and the roles of individual team members. Team efforts to implement process improvements to the tracking system allow for more traceability of progress and task/action accountability. I extend my sincere gratitude to you for your performance and the exceptional programmatic support provided.”

– USCG Program Manager

“[Zantech] has done a terrific job of taking charge of the very complicated task of leading the Virtual Student Foreign Service interns, systematizing the program and using their skills appropriately. The Team has also made a number of excellent recommendations to improve overall program effectiveness. I had the opportunity to provide the HR/OAA Deputy Director with a demo of the SharePoint site which was established by the Team and DOS management was simply blown away.”

– DOS Senior Advisor

“Zantech representatives and contractors have been extremely easy to work with. … At every stage, they have demonstrated professionalism and commitment to high quality performance.”

– DOS Contracting Officer

Our customer is happy with the performance of the onsite staff stating that “the contractors have been customer-oriented and have been responsive to contract requirements/needs. …”

– USCG Contracting Officer

“[Zantech] has delivered exceptional quality of service which consistently exceeds customer expectations. The onsite management personnel plan ahead, are prepared to handle dynamic situations, maintain an effective workforce, and communicate very well with the customer.”

      – U.S. Army Contract Specialist

In support of the DoD Task Force for Business and Stability Operations: “Contractor is very much customer oriented. … Zantech has been very supportive of the government’s continually changing requirement and providing appropriate key personnel to support our mission.”

– DOI Contracting Officer

“Zantech has worked collaboratively with our teams to ensure a high quality of service and support and have worked well with our diverse stakeholder team.”

– VA Program Manager

“… [Zantech] has responded to customers’ demands by meeting their expectations in an exemplary manner. … [T]he contractor has customers expecting quality service every time and receiving it.”

            – NASA Contractor Administrator

“[Zantech] hosted a senior leader demonstration of the new mobile Central Army Registry as well as new method to track soldier training and education system. The demonstration was among the best ever delivered and was extremely well received by senior leaders of Army.”

       – U.S. Army Program Manager

“Zantech’s quality work products exceed specifications in the majority of cases. Zantech maintains full compliance with contract requirements, reporting is always accurate and technically excellent. Zantech’s attention to detail in the services provided to the Department ensures program objectives are properly conveyed.”

       – Education Contracting Officer